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Jaya Shettar, Water Matter

Yes Madam, what’s the matter?
Mr. Shettar, we need water
We’ve released 100’s of TMC
This point why can’t TN see?

But Mr. Shettar, we need more
So I’ve come to your door
Please release water first
We want to quench our thirst

Ok Madam, let’s start again
Am not giving an excuse lame
3 years of BJP rule saw 3 CMs
Alas! The monsoon never came

I don’t care about your state
I am only worried about mine
At Chennai hotel these days
They don’t serve water, but wine

If I release the water Madam
Opposition will make an issue
In fact even for my own use
Have ordered 2 cartons of tissue

I’d expected so much from you
You turned out a spoil sport
You better release the water
Else see you soon at the court