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Mosar illa, Cheese ide …

A friend was visiting Bengalooru on a vacation. Very excited at being home and wanting to see the developments in the city, he offered to do the grocery shopping on behalf of his parents. He went to the market, bought the vegetables and just as he was set to return, he remembered his mother telling him to get a pack of Natural Yoghurt as well.

So he headed to the nearest Bakery and asked the assistant for a pack of Natural Yoghurt. Having been abroad for a while now, our friend’s language had change a bit and it took a while for him to explain the shop assistant what Natural Yoghurt meant. Finally he remembered his pre-abroad days and said “Ah! Of course, get me curd. All I need is a pack of curd”.

Now the assistant seemed relieved. He went in and checked in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, there was no pack of curd available. As he turned around to respond to our friend that curd was not available, he remembered the words of his owner, “If the item is not available, then suggest any other closest item, say if bread is over, suggest the customer to buy buns, etc”. So the assistant decided that he will try his luck. He responded to our friend, “Saar! Mosar-illa, Cheese ide. Kodla?” (Sir, there ain’t any curd left, but cheese is available. Do you want that?)

Our friend was delighted to know that a small bakery in good old Bengalooru has now started selling Mozzarella Cheese. All excited, he said “Howdu, adoo beku” (Yes, I need that too). As the assistant handed him a pack of Cheese, our friend questioned the assistant with a confused look, “Curd packet yellide?” (Where is the pack of curd?)

The even more confused assistant repeated the words, “Saar!! Helidanalla Saar, Mosar illa, Cheese ide antha?” (Sir, Didn’t I just tell you that curd is not available, but I can give you Cheese instead?) Slowly the words appeared to make sense to our friend, who politely refused the product and returned home with a sheepish grin on his face.