Quotes worth a Million

Mind It!

My mind is a child
Whose imagination runs’ wild
Wants to achieve a lot
Keeps applying thought
Wanders here and there
But lands nowhere
Suggests I follow my passion
But proceed with caution
Assures me about my potential
Also hints that money is essential
Never fails to keep me amused
At the same time confused
Its requirements are strange
Almost out of my range
The mind continues to ponder
And all its efforts I Squander
But there will soon be a day
When the mind will have a say
Mind the master, I the Slave
My way to success it will pave


Comments on: "Mind It!" (4)

  1. The only person who is holding you back is you 🙂 Give your mind a little leeway…it will do the rest. You dont have to give up everything to please your mind. You’ll be surprised at how little it takes.

  2. Thanks Sumana! Was awaiting your comments eagerly. Well the battle continues, hopefully some avenues will open soon. Or as you rightly pointed out, I shall proactively ‘let’ some avenues to be opened 😉

  3. let go to let grow..

  4. Neela, you couldn’t have suggested any better 🙂 Thanks

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