Quotes worth a Million

A year ago, my FB wall adorned the following quote:

“The Pizza at the Express didn’t impress me much. Goes to reiterate that, Pizzas are the best when eaten in the HUT!”

And on Friday while at Birmingham City Centre, I was wondering if I had got it all wrong. Out on lunch with the Missus and the Miss at the Bull Ring Pizza Hut, we experienced something very unique that left us amused.

Being Friday afternoon, the place was crowded with Shoppers, Students, and family folks alike. So there was some unexpected (known as ‘unaccepted’ in a Customer’s world) delay in service. The ‘Miss managed’ to feast on her Pasta which solved half the problem. Meanwhile a staff member informed us about the delay and that our Pizza was getting baked. It felt like a decade had passed and the Missus and I kept looking in all directions for the staff just to find out whether they were baking rumours or Pizza! I did enough to ‘call for Attention’ and a staff member, looking sympathetically at 2 hungry souls came over to inform us that our Pizza was on the way.

But when the hot Veggie Supreme Pizza finally got delivered to our table, it didn’t seem to taste so good after all. The thin Italian base was even more thinly today, the usual taste was missing and our tongues stopped hissing. We were in the midst of this feasting detention, when the lady staff returned to check how we were doing.

The Missus, being the Extrovert that she is, replied that the Pizza base was not as crispy as it used to be, but other than that the taste was good (although she didn’t feel so). The Staff member was caught a bit off-guard, perhaps because they are always used to positive responses. She quickly came to terms with the situation and offered to bring in a replacement Pizza. When the Missus politely refused the offer, the staff member insisted that she would anyhow update the Manager on duty about the situation.

So a few minutes later, the Manager on duty (another lady in her late 20s) came over to our table to understand our concerns. Again, the missus was her polite self, making the Manager comfortable leaving me confused as to who the host was! The Manager was very much Customer Oriented and offered to strike the Pizza item from the Bill for the Pizza didn’t meet our standards. The Missus and I were a bit hesitant, what with incidents such as ‘Mosquito in the tea cup’ and ‘Hair in the Masala Dosa’ coming to our mind almost instantly. The Manager re-assured us when we told her that getting a discount was not our ultimate aim. She got the Bill generated without the Pizza and spoke to us very casually and was very friendly. She assured us that the next time we are there, the service will be much better.

Just a small incident, but speaks volumes about how this Pizza Hut outlet manages Customers.


Comments on: "Pizza ‘Hut-ke’ Service" (3)

  1. 🙂 In bangalore, after returning home in pouring rain (and that means sitting in traffic for four hours, watching the water swirl around the car, and praying you dont make a wrong turn into a newly emerged drain), there was naturally no energy to cook. When I say energy, i meant both my energy and the electric type.

    By then, it had stopped raining, and we ordered a pizza. it was a busy evening, and we were told it would take an hour and fifteen minutes. there was no sign even after two hours. the hunger got the better out of us, and of course our complaint was more from the stomach and heart than Sandy’s beatific smile. We cancelled the order and I kept the cooker on the stove.

    In fifteen minutes, the manager of that pizza hut was knocking on our door. He had brought with him two pizzas and several other goodies, apologised politely and left after making sure we would continue to be pizza hut customers 🙂 of course the pizzas were on the house!

    On the other hand, the treatment we had to endure by Indian staff, in an Indian restaurant in a small town in Wales was the worst I have faced till date.

  2. …making the Manager comfortable leaving me confused as to who the host was!
    How true.. many a time we begin to complain and soon realize that we are a little too shy to portray ourselves as grumblers and complaint pots , so we tone down our language and soon start sounding as if we re apologizing !
    We too like Pizza Hut – though 😉

  3. And what a” wow” title
    nothing Hut ke about it-its always “wow”

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