Quotes worth a Million

Mana ‘Shanty’

I prayed to God and asked him
Where I could find
A familiar treasure
Called the peace of mind

God looked at me
With his usual calm face
Here was yet another mortal
Seeking his solace

He placed his hand on my head
While whispering a hymn
That sounded to me
Akin to words sublime

With a new outlook
I felt innately cleansed
The mind was calmer
And no more tensed

I woke up from this dream
Amidst the sound of chirping birds
Alas! However hard I tried
I couldn’t remember his words

Maybe he didn’t say a thing
Was it just his presence?
That made me realise
Bliss as being life’s essence

And to Thank HIM again
I went down on my knees
At last my mind had found
Its invaluable missing ‘piece’!


Comments on: "Mana ‘Shanty’" (3)

  1. I’m so glad
    About this wonderful dream that you had
    and found that shard of silence
    where you could revert to your innocence
    and feel His presence
    in your soul and conscience

    often we chase the notion
    that ‘peace of mind’ is a thing in motion
    and all we have to do
    is secure our financial situation
    and harness the damned peace into our possession

    but the truth is so simple
    that it is so complicated to comprehend
    you see, a wise man can find this ‘peace of mind’
    even in tattered clothes and empty hand
    while the emperor…sleepless nights he spends
    even when sitting on mines of oil and diamonds

    I suppose the day you wake up
    And realize that your heart is filled with elation,
    Not because of a raise or a promotion
    but because of the birds and their commotion
    you have truly felt Him,
    and ‘peace of mind’ is no longer a dream in anticipation

  2. @Sumana: Wow!!!

    You make your reviews so interesting
    That’s why its you, I end up entrusting

  3. it seems quite trivial to expect

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