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Days in Space

Ever wondered, in space what the 7 days of the week would perhaps be known as? I have just given my best shot at it.

1) SUNday
2) MOONday
4) VENUSday
6) FARAday (Apparently, Michael did some experiment with space. That’s the only connection I could find :))
7) SATURNday

• A blue moon would appear once in 76 years and this day would also be known as ‘Halley’day.
• Celestial events would be celebrated and termed ‘ASTRA’vaganza. The event would be held at a theatre known as ‘Galaxy’. ‘Stars’ would grace such occasions.
• The Local Dairy would be located on a street named ‘MILKY WAY’.

One question remains unanswered though! What made Shakespeare say “What’s in a name?”


Comments on: "Days in Space" (2)

  1. Shakespeare dint have the opportunity to read Vishnu Sahasranama and Lalitha
    Sahasranama when his wife insisted that he should take over the burden of naming their child….papa thale kettu hogirbeku…ediralli rose gida kaansithu ‘rose’ antha suggest maadi hendthi kayyalli uguskondirbeku…bejaaragi namma Litt studentsge thale thinbeku antha one sonnet bardha…

  2. LOL! neat play on words! Loved Lalitha’s explanation on ‘What’s in a name?’ I was telling my friend the other day – rather quoting amol palekar’s dialog in golmaal ‘jis ka naam Bhavani Shankar ho, woh to paida hote hi budda ho gaya’…so yes, everything’s in a name!

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