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2010, the year that was…

I renamed the 1st month Jan’worry’
Scraped thro’ Feb in a hurry
As I ‘March’ed towards April,
May seemed like a steep Hill!

With June things looked better
July got me my promotion letter
Enjoyed a family reunion in August
Followed by a blast in Belfast!

September was just another 30 days
October disappeared in a haze
November made me a year old
December was freezing and cold

Yet, starting from January
To the end of December
Every day this year
Has been a day to remember!


Days in Space

Ever wondered, in space what the 7 days of the week would perhaps be known as? I have just given my best shot at it.

1) SUNday
2) MOONday
4) VENUSday
6) FARAday (Apparently, Michael did some experiment with space. That’s the only connection I could find :))
7) SATURNday

• A blue moon would appear once in 76 years and this day would also be known as ‘Halley’day.
• Celestial events would be celebrated and termed ‘ASTRA’vaganza. The event would be held at a theatre known as ‘Galaxy’. ‘Stars’ would grace such occasions.
• The Local Dairy would be located on a street named ‘MILKY WAY’.

One question remains unanswered though! What made Shakespeare say “What’s in a name?”