Quotes worth a Million


ARGOS is one of the best retail stores in UK and personally I have had no issues with the products that I have purchased here. Last weekend I was at the ARGOS store in Solihalli town center to purchase a YAMAHA Keyboard for the Daughter.

I had the catalogue number ready and so went straight to the till, quoted the number and made the necessary payment. Just as I was about to move to the waiting area, I enquired with the salesman who served me at the till if I could also get the metal strap length sorted for the new wrist watch that Missus gifted me on my Birthday.

The salesman although polite, replied that since the store was to close in 15 minutes time, he will not be able to set the watch strap right. I thought it apt to mention that it was a small job and requested perhaps just a couple of minutes to set it right. But the salesman was clear that it would require more than 10 minutes to set it right and suggested that I come back during one of the weekdays. He further added that since it was closure time, he and his manager would have to spend the next 15 minutes in closing the accounts, serving other customers, etc. Me, being me did not further prod him and went to the waiting area.

But what I noticed in the next 5 minutes was a bit unnerving. He and his manager generally chit chatted during this time about this evening plans, about each other’s personal lives. Whilst I agree that they have a life of their own and some chit chatting at work is good, I wondered if it was right on their part to continue doing that after mentioning to me about their workload. Moreover there were at least 2 to 3 other employees at the store who too were just waiting for the store to close. On their website its’ clearly mentioned that the store is open until 16:30 hrs, so why is that they should stop serving you after 16:15 hrs and if this is indeed their policy then why is this not mentioned on their website, so that its’ clear for everyone.

There is a very famous statement that the ‘Customer is always right’. Sadly however, more often than not, ‘Even when a customer is right, he is left in the lurch’.


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  1. Services in UK is really poor. After all the pampering in India…its quite a culture shock. I’ve faced so many of these issues that I’ve given up now. I think the most absurd thing that happened to me – i was expecting a package from amazon that I was supposed to carry to India the next day. It was through royal mail special delivery. The post man came and rang the entrance bell downstairs. I buzzed him in, and went downstairs to collect it. There was no postman. He had left a ‘not at home’ card. I was so furious, I lodged a complaint and then went to some godforsaken street where I was supposed to collect my stuff. I told the lady at the counter…I was at home, I buzzed him in and by the time I took the lift and went down, he has disappeared. Apparently, I was supposed to talk to him over the intercom, inform him that I am coming downstairs…just letting him inside is not enough for his Lordship!

  2. Gosh!! That’s really pathetic. In 2005, we had ordered a Dell Inspiron laptop for about 600 GBP then. I think there was some confusion about the address. So the courier guy ended up handing over the Dell Laptop box to a Shades & Blinds shop at the corner of the street where we resided.

    After following up with Dell Customer care, I got to know that it is in this Blinds shop. I called up Dell and asked them how they (the courier guys) could just keep it anywhere they wanted. Really seemed so absurd. Dell apologised and sent across a Laptop bag.

  3. UK’s also like India eh? 😉

  4. @Nan: I would say in India its much better 🙂

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