Quotes worth a Million

Most Indian news channels and newspapers are busy at present with President Obama’s visit to India with his wife Michelle. The media is working overtime to generate articles, what they ate, where he went, for which tune he danced, etc. So much that Star News is at present broadcasting a ‘Documentary’ on AIR FORCE ONE.

Wonder, who has benefited the most from Mr. President’s visit:

1) PAKISTAN: Finally realized today what an ‘ENORMOUS’ state it is. The president conveyed how much important Pakistan’s stability is for India to progress. All this while, I thought it was the other way round. Actually perhaps Mr. President meant that it is in an ENORMOUS state ….. of mess or of debt. Anyhow for the time being, Pakistan will be grinning all the way. Link 1

2) MEDIA CHANNELS: Post CWG, the media was looking out for some Sansani khabar, something that would keep the TRPs high, now Obamas visit has come to their rescue. For the next few months, Star News is most likely to repeat Michelle’s steps and Obama’s speech in their ‘Sans Bahu aur Saazish’ segment. They will dig deep in order to create a few more in-sane-sational stories about his visit. Link 2

3) OPPOSITION PARTIES: After days and days of protests against the Government on innumerable issues, the Opposition Parties, has found a new target. Yes Mr. President again and this time for not talking strongly about Pakistan’s involvement in 26/11. The Politician in question here, Mr. Rajiv Pratap Rudy has not been in the hot news for sometime now and this is just the opportunity he was looking out for. Just that the BJP was left somewhat embarrassed at the end of it all. Link 3


Comments on: "Beneficiaries of Obamas India Visit" (1)

  1. As it is, whenever I switch on NDTV, i get only ads – either of guzarish or ‘ndtv’ ad. And then, I realized there is no news in India for past three days because 24/7 was consumed by ‘Namaste Obama’. Okay…it is a big deal that President of United States is visiting. But he has come more as a shopkeeper selling his wares – namely weapons. Unfortunately, nothing else is left for him to sell. The media could have done some really good analysis. Really pathetic.

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