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हाई हाई यह व्यवसाय

ज़िन्दगी के एक ऐसे मोड़ से गुज़र रहा हूँ
पता नहीं मुझको भी मैं किधर कहा हूँ
करना कुछ और चाहता हूँ
पर कर कुछ और जाता हूँ

क्या मैं बन जाऊं एक कवी
या शामिल हो जाऊं नेवी
या वेब डिजाईन करलू
वैसे मैं भी हूँ नेट सेव्वी

या बन जाऊं एक पत्रकार
और रचाऊं समाचार शीर्षक
या दिन भर बस फिल्में देखूं
और बन जाऊं चित्र विमर्शक

या गाना बजाना सीक लूं
और शामिल हो जाऊं बैंड
या पटकथा लिखते लिखते
पहुँच जाऊं फिल्म्लेंड

या फिर बन जाऊं मैं नेता
जो करता हो जूटे वादे
जो राजनीति में आया हैं
मन भर गलत इरादे

फिर सोचता हूँ की
मैं जैसे हूँ वैसे टीक हूँ
शायद उलझन में पड़े हुए
लोगों का मै प्रतीक हूँ


History does repeat itself, but in a different Geography

Was in the theater this evening watching ROBOT, the Hindi version of ‘ENDHIRAN’ or perhaps ‘END-HAI-RUN’ is more apt a title, considering that the movie was 220 minutes long :).

The movie had its share of some typical romantic scenes, and with a 6 year old daughter seated next, it did become embarrassing at times. When the romantic scenes did get out of the hand eventually, we tried to get THE DAUGHTER’s mind occupied elsewhere. But she wouldn’t just listen and kept probing as to why we were preventing her watching the scenes.

It didn’t take me long to rewind to the early 80’s when I frequented CHOWDIAH MEMORIAL HALL, in Vyalikaval, Bengalooru to watch movies that were screened every Saturday. During one such visit, the movie being screened was a Hungarian one and involved some more than explicit sex scenes. My Mother, clearly uncomfortable with my presence (and largely with the movie itself) closed my eyes for a few seconds despite my protests and curiosity. On nagging her further she responded with a “You will know when you grow old”. Not the one to give up so easily, I prodded her further, “Why when I grow up? Why not know?” She responded ‘Remember! When you grow up, your son or daughter might have the same questions to ask you. And then you need to answer the same as well! So you grow up and you’ll know…”

So when THE DAUGHTER nudged me again for my response, without losing my patience for a change, I calmly responded by borrowing my Mother’s lines. Nearly 30 years ago, I had not realised that what my Mother said would actually come true. But today it did!!

In fact during the Hungarian movie, when things got worse, my Mother who had had enough by then, pulled me by her arm and we walked out of the hall. Thankfully ROBOT was mostly watchable with a 6 year child, so we continued till the end of the movie.

Nevertheless, remembered my Mother’s words today and witnessed History repeating itself, although in a different Geography.