Quotes worth a Million

Time to Ponder …

Give a thought, my friends
To what happened in the past.
Within a few days one December,
Violence had left us all aghast.

Many innocent lives were lost,
Many others dreams did shatter.
Why didn’t we think even once?
Didn’t their lives at all matter?

The wounds healed over time,
But the scars have remained.
One can perhaps never imagine;
How much they have been pained!

Now as the Judgment Day arrives,
Its’ time to ponder once again
And accept the verdict maturely
Rather than fight over in vain.

As a country we can progress
Only when we live in Harmony
By treating each other equally
And promising not to Harm any!


Comments on: "Time to Ponder …" (7)

  1. Nice one Niks. Wish people THOUGHT at all ! Then there would be no war at all…

  2. Hi Nikhil,
    Nice one, wish every one in this world thought the same as you.

  3. very thought provoking…

  4. @Sandhya: Thank you, Thank you!!!
    @Rajani: Thanks so much Rajani!
    @Anu: Thanks again for your encouragement 🙂

  5. so true. so well written! simple and straight to the point.

  6. @Sumana: Thanks so much! Was waiting for your comments for some days now and wondering that perhaps you didn’t find it all that good 🙂

    • HI 🙂 Nope…I visited this link as soon as I saw it on the news feed! I guess I have to keep visiting your wall more often!

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