Quotes worth a Million

There have been more than a few occasions when strange occurrences have puzzled me. It’s not so simple to explain these experiences in words. Nevertheless, I will try to.

One of the funniest instances when I observed this was when we went out on a team outing a few months ago. There was a lucky dip draw and the results were just about to be announced. I proudly claimed to my friend MB who sat next to me that I would win the 1st prize. And Lo Behold!! They indeed announced the number that was written on the token in my hand. And MB was surprised to the core. I almost felt like a child who had found some new powers. But then my mind put to rest any such thoughts and assured me that this was a case of Classic Coincidence and nothing else.

Another instance occurred a few nights back I was blogging about how the Kannada news is broadcasted in All India Radio and I had used a phrase ‘Bellary Chalo’ in the context of what the Opposition Party in Karnataka, the Congress Party would call their protest march to Bellary. The next morning, I logged into http://www.deccanherald.com and so the same term was used. I forced myself into accepting that this was plain coincidence.

Then this night, on the same website I was reading about the death of 2 brothers from namma Bengalooru in an air crash in the US. And even before I had completed the first 2 lines, my IPOD shuffled to ‘Lukka Chuppi’ from the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’: the song that is played after Flight Lt. Ajay Rathod’s (played by Madhavan) death. Again was it just too much of a coincidence?

There have been other similar instances that have occurred. But the one below remains close to my heart and I experience goose bumps whenever I am reminded of it. At the death ceremony of a close friend, while still trying to come to terms with losing him, for perhaps less than a second I felt a sudden air of fragrance pass by where I was seated. I quickly recognised this as his natural body fragrance. I just thought that it was my notion. But a few minutes later, an acquaintance seated next to me whispered into my ears about having experienced something similar. How we felt the fragrance surround us still remains a mystery. But it was almost as if our late friend wanted to have his presence felt here. Only this time the mind for a change said, ‘No, this is more than Mere Coincidence!’


Comments on: "More than Mere Coincidence" (3)

  1. Quite thrilling 🙂 Some of you do seem to have a higher percentage of these ‘co-incidences’! a friend of mine always wins these lucky draw contests…many appliances in his house are actually prizes. infact he had even won a car!

    The two boys who died – they are brothers apparently. A friend of mine put up a condolence message. One was a trainee pilot, and the other was training to be a dentist I think. It is such a senseless tragedy – parents lost both sons in a moment.

  2. Niks…………..

    An experience I’ll never ever forget in my lifetime!

  3. Know something? Your father too is highly intuitive and has tons and tons of such so-called-coincidences….may be, like father, like son…the ESP factor runs in the family, perhaps..

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