Quotes worth a Million

This is my 3rd post about me and my confused mind. This time it is about my profession. The last 10 years in this industry has been hectic, fast-paced and monotonic to some extent. While attending an internal training program, I remember my trainer introducing himself as someone who loves to do something different once in every 10 years. So is this the time, I think to myself. My confused mind reminds me that there are other professions as well. But If not this industry, then what else will suit me?

My mind tells me that I am fit for the advertising industry or the media. Say creating headlines for the papers, slogans for the advertisements, etc. But then at this stage in my career, how do I take a giant leap into that world, where I would perhaps have to begin as an intern. Even before I delve too deep into this option, I am out of it.

Next the mind tells me that having picked a lot of writing abilities as part of this industry I should perhaps open my own Document Consultancy Firm and name it ‘Write Unlimited’ with a punch line such as ‘We Write what you left and align it in the center’. Silly as it seems to me, I move on from that option as well.

Then pops the option of moving into the entertainment field, where the prospect of writing satires, comedy scripts, etc interests me. But then the uncertainty, the fear of failure, the responsibilities on the home front and the next thing I realise is that this option too is a non-starter.

Hmm…What next? Being good at cooking, how about a food joint? Pulaav Point, Coffee Katte, etc. Again managing the crowd, the cooks, no way the mind retorts.

Why not an agency called Consult ‘n’ C where I could provide answers to any kind of questions that people have. Say for instance someone wants to know how to apply for a home loan, someone else wants to know what the best places of attraction around Bengalooru are. Agreed Google is there and Google is God, but why not make it available to the common man, who may not have the access and expertise to Google this? And again I wonder what if even Google doesn’t help me find answers, will people eventually rename my agency to Insult and see.

The next one in the list is that having a sound ear for Music, why not learn some instrument and then join a band. Belting out remixes such as Mallu songs in Hindi tunes, Say Kaike Oona kalinyo waala, Khul jaaye Manslaaya parinyo waala (Kaike Paan Banaras …)

Finally the option of becoming a lyricist in the cyni(cal) world. Imagine meeting the likes of Big B, receiving the Best Lyricist Trophy from the Garden of Poetry, Gulzaar. After all, Jaaved Saab has said that Faansle hain to Manzilen hain, Manzilen hain to Raaste hain etc, etc. Ok why not start from home(Sandalwood), how about giving Himse to Hamsalekha for a break? Umm. Not sure the mind says.

Well, it is 1:00 AM by now and there is an early morning meeting. So I log off without a resolution in sight.


Comments on: "Is being One Professional Unprofessional?" (6)

  1. Heyy.. good one.. 🙂 maybe a course in a famous Ad School and a career there would be great… 😉

  2. You’ve summed up my worries when I decided to quit after the green belt stage. I had only two strengths – writing and teaching. and yeh, I could make good ppts with whatever crappy inputs i got.

    It was very difficult to turn down a role here in the UK and go on a break. I figured I’ll give myself a year’s time to sort out my head, and if I dont make any progress, I will get back to IT again. The year is up. in the next couple of weeks, my book will be out. Depending on the response…i have to figure out what next. At least now, I know what i DONT want. No more IT 😛

    It is a tougher decision for guys! But I like the screenplay idea a LOT. It does not interfere in your corporate life too much. And when it clicks you can quit 🙂 Why dont you adapt one of my short stories for your screenplay…and we can make Harsha do a documovie like Blair Witch? at least we can have some fun!

  3. Try some action, you will soon see some reaction! Well, I didn’t say it will be mine 😉

  4. @Nan: Thanks. Hopefully the ad school should take people over 30 😉
    @Sumana: Thanks. Glad to know that I am in esteemed company, i.e. even others go thro’ such emotions 🙂 Hope your book becomes a Best seller.
    @Sandhya: Will surely try some action, without bothering about your reaction, err response 😛

  5. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut. At least give one of the options a shot – I like the Consult n C option. There are several ways to monetise based on this idea. Let’s talk when we meet 🙂

  6. Hahaha..good one 🙂 I like the Write Unlimited !!!

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