Quotes worth a Million

A journalist holding a mike came up to a group of protesters and asked them in the most typical journalistic manner “Why are you protesting today?” There was silence for a second or two before our umm … let us call him ‘The Lead Striker’ shooed away his fellow protesters and came forward to talk on behalf of them all.

An intellectual would have begun responding with “A very good question”. But this protester being a protester was straight on the job. He initially wanted to ask the journalist what time this interview would be aired so that he can call up his folks and ask them to keep the recording equipment ready. However with great difficulty, he decided to keep that question aside and answer to the point. He interrogatively replied “Do you know how costly the vegetables are?”

He continued to add how the fuel prices have risen over the last few years and wanted to know whether the journalist had a 2 wheeler. The journalist was cautious in his response and said “I am traveling in the Channel’s car”. The ‘Lead Striker’ immediately snapped at him and said “No wonder! What will you understand what the common man is going through?” The journalist was forced to nod in agreement. He ranted that he had to shed a huge sum of money to organise the protest march itself. To buy tomatoes, eggs, banners for the protest he had spent from his own pocket and was now worried if the party that he owes allegiance to, would reimburse the money or not.

Before the protester could continue any further, the journalist hit upon an idea. He immediately sent a text to his team and asked them to prepare for the chat show in the evening. The theme would be “How costly it is to organise protests these days?” Before turning away the journalist, having been in this field for a long time now, shouted at the ‘Lead Striker’ “Watch the news at 08:00 tonight, you will be on air!!!”. Caught unawares, our ‘Lead Striker’ let out a sheepish grin.


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