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BSY as he is known more popularly these days came knocking at the door of SMK alias “Yes Am Krishna”. Although not very sure how Yeddy became Reddy (oops ready) to meet SMK. Being from different political parties, they have rarely been seen together. Though our Chief ‘Mine star’ decided to call it a courtesy visit inside sources say that the visit was to seek Krishna’s intervention in making BENGALOORU part of Obama’s itinerary.

Yeddy is worried that Obama might say “Barrack-ke-agalla” if he were to send him a message “Oh-Bama namma oorige!!” Aware that Krishna during his recent US visit had invited Obama to visit BENGALOORU during his INDIA visit later this year, Yeddy decided to request Krishna to use his good offices and impress upon the US President to visit namma BENGALOORU.

A worried SMK is now running helter-skelter and wants to do everything possible to ensure that BENGALOORU is part of the itinerary. When quizzed about his enthusiasm in helping Yeddy, a puzzled SMK replied that he doesn’t want to see a “Yede-uriyappa” sobbing on National TV again.


Comments on: "When BSY came knocking at SMK’s home" (8)

  1. Good one!

  2. just can’t stop laughing!

  3. Sandhya said:


  4. bvshaila said:

    Baari nagu banthu marayya
    Heege barithairu.

  5. ummm.Lovely.
    maja aa gayaa.

  6. Sandhya said:

    I wished the daily newspapers would report news as hilariously as this, one would start the morning cup of coffee with a big laugh instead of the bleak thought that this country will never improve! Positive effect, isn’t it?
    Time to start your daily Niks!

  7. can’t stop laughing, good one, Like Sandhya said if news is delivered this way, people like me will be more interested in politics.

  8. sakathhagidhe magaaa….like I always tell you, you landed in a wrong profession….one more journalist in the family will do good…if you were to become one, i am sure there will be humour in obituaries too…

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