Quotes worth a Million

Sometimes varied emotions run through my mind. Not sure if anyone has experienced something similar.

For instance, while running my normal errands either at work or at home, I suddenly find myself in a beach in Goa, watching the sunset from the Arabian coast, forgetting all worries that ever existed in my mind. And then I am suddenly reminded that I am in REMO’s land, so I say to myself “I should buy REMO’s old albums when I am in Goa the next time”. I am still searching for them online, but have never been able to find a website that sells these CDs.

In the midst of these thoughts, normalcy is soon restored as I head back to Sleepy Solihull. Before I have spent a few minutes here, I am reminded of the best DOSA outlets in Bangalore, so my mind automatically navigates the Bangalore traffic to quickly transport me to the by lanes of Nagarathpet (near Avenue Road) where the DOSA Carts are awaiting my visit. This too is momentary. Before the DOSA Cart vendor has spread the batter on the hot ‘TAVA’ I am again transported back.

Then in a jiffy, I am this restless soul looking for peace of mind (or perhaps a piece of my mind), longing for darshan of SRI KRISHNA in UDUPI Mutt. Its evening time and I am all excited to watch the ‘UTSAV MOORTI’ being taken in a procession on top of the Golden Chariot. But selfishly, the stomach gets the better of the mind, and I am put into a corner seat at Hotel MITRA SAMAJ, waiting for a plate of GOLI BAJJE and OUTLOOK MASALA DOSA.

The next thing that I visualise, thanks to the Idiot box is that Wimbledon is going on and lovely cross volleys, drop shots and what not. So, I wonder what makes me so restless. The biggest Tennis event, what is famously known in Britain as ‘THE CHAMPIONSHIP’ is currently underway. So I want to head to London the next morning. “Forget project deliverables, they will always be there”, the mind reassures.

Before my mind wanders anymore, missus walks out and reminds me that it’s been a long since we took a vacation. She says “Why don’t we go to Italy during the next Bank Holiday?” Her excitement remains until I remind her of the impending Home Loan and that is it, I am just short of being tarnished as this villain straight out a Masala Blockbuster movie.

Finally, my mind realises that I was, I am and I will remain confused and informs me, “Look! It’s better to get back to office tomorrow. There are important meetings and lots of tasks pending in the To-Do List. So get back to sleep now.”


Comments on: "Where the Mind is out dear?" (4)

  1. manassu markata (koti) anta heltaare, kelidya? koti ondu kade koodalla, mara-dinda marakke jigita iratte 🙂

    • maximum manassugaLu hinge.
      gopuchcha antaare kotigaLige.as fickle as a cow’s tail.
      manassoLage vaayuvegadinda ella kade sutti bundu naavu refresh aagteevalvaa ??

      neenu barediroro style superb.
      no doubt.

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