Quotes worth a Million

With Jammi’s Jaws jammed
Situation in the team is very Gambhir
Much depends on how Seh’wags’ his bat
Will Lord Badrinath ensure’em Vijay?
Will it again be a TON-dulkar?
Will Laxman’s hits cross the Rekha?
If Dhoni can do something Unhoni
Can Mishra prove to be A-myth
Hopefully Zaheer Khan bowl well
Sharma keeps the Proteas e-Shanth
We need to sing Har-Bhajans possible
Or else without a “Jumbo” effort
It may be a Kar-na-saka for Dhoni’s men


Comments on: "Battle of Eden: Can India make it Even?" (6)

  1. bahut maja aaya, huzoor

  2. hai


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