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Manic Monday Blues

“I am not feeling good, can you please drop Shriya to school today?” my wife whispered early in the morning as the alarm went off. I was still trying to come to terms that Manic Monday was here again. And before I realised, I had mumbled something which she construed to be my agreement to this idea. And there I was, jumping of the bed to get ready and get Shriya ready.

My wife struggled herself out of the bed towards the kitchen to pack Shriya’s lunchbox. As Shriya arrived at the breakfast table, I had a quick bath and at 8:20 AM, we were ready to rush out of the house. My wife’s repeated requests that I eat breakfast before leaving were sternly responded with “I have a meeting at 9:00 AM”. She suggested I hire a cab to the school and not miss breakfast. I retorted “Why a cab, when we have a bus in 5 minutes?” as Shriya watched the early morning Tennis match with a confused face.

Holding Shriya’s hand firmly I set off to the bus stand. I was proud that we were on time as we caught the 8:25 AM bus. We reached school at about 8:45 AM and Shriya led me to the rear entrance. While I was wondering why there was no other soul in sight, I decided to check with my wife, if we were at the right entrance. My wife confirmed that it was indeed so. After waiting for a good 5 minutes, Shriya suggested that we try the main entrance of the school, lest if the school authorities had decided to close the rear entrance for reasons best known to them.

As we walked towards the main entrance, I again called my wife and asked her to quickly check the school events calendar, if 30-Nov-09 was a holiday just in case. By this time my wife had almost given up her plans of sleeping. I had bothered her enough and she wanted to set the record straight and avoid giving me any more opportunities to wake her up again. She ran through the calendar and what does she see? “Yes!!! It is a holiday today” she responded with utmost sympathy for us. We ran towards the bus stop and caught the next available bus.

I dropped Shriya near the house door and as my wife came out, I quickly picked the sandwich pack from Shriya’s lunchbox and hurried towards the office.


Comments on: "Manic Monday Blues" (1)

  1. Lol. Super Sandy….. 😀 Once in a while husbands need to go through this I suppose. Rofl

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