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Moments we treasure

It’s been nearly 12 months since I traveled to UK for an assignment and the last 2 of these 12 months have been extremely busy. Somewhere it has not been possible to talk to my parents at leisure on a daily scale, although I used to call them regularly.

But with the work pressure increasing day by day, it has not been possible to call my parents and speak to them even for a short period of time. Wifey has been keeping me regularly posted on the home front, so it’s not entirely that I am unaware of the happenings in India. But the guilt was always there, that personally I wasn’t talking to them regularly off late. Father has always been supportive and never complains, even when I am wrong. But mother is always a mother.

So today I spent a good amount of time, talking to my mother, seeing her on web cam, discussing various things of interest, etc. After the call, mother was happy and satisfied. That was enough to make my day. As we were about to hang the call, mother said “I am so happy that we spoke”. It made me just sit up and ponder as to how much we are lost in our day-to-day work that we forget the small pleasures of life. I was reminded of the days my mother spent with me, sacrificing her own passion, personal time, etc to give me the best. There have been many Email forwards that I have received on this topic, but today I realised the importance of staying in touch with our near and dear ones even more.


Comments on: "Moments we treasure" (3)

  1. Talking to parents daily –this is the only way to say ‘thank you’.

  2. hi nikil,

    Thank u. Iread your blog with joyfull tears. I am (pappa also) very proud to have son like you. Everybody in our family will always be talkingabout you one or the other context. Please continue writing the blog

  3. Happy you realized it dear 🙂

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