Quotes worth a Million

A Confused Mind

A Poem on the state of mind. Not necessarily mine!

Confusions in the mind
More than one path I find
What do I take forward?
What do I leave behind?

Each has its own strength
And weakness as well
One, an Invite to Heaven;
The other, a Warrant for Hell!

With seeds of doubt
Aroused in the head
I can’t close my eyes
When I get to bed

Friends and family say
Of late, I appear to be lost
Always cold by nature
But now bitten by frost

Hope this apathy ends
With me near my goal
I long to see myself
As one happy soul


Comments on: "A Confused Mind" (5)

  1. Thought you had stopped writing such pearls!! Good to have the poet back.

  2. Thats what I expected of my soul mate, understanding me so well… 🙂

  3. With many of us hard pressed for time during day..
    nightly audits are causing insomnia..in us and in our spouses too.
    For they are bearing the brunt of ..karvatein badalte rahein saaari raat hum..

    We come to such forks in life ..when dilemma is our constant companion.

    Part of life.

    Well written,niks.

  4. Welcome back to the family’s KaaLi Daasa!

  5. xtremly osum………

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