Quotes worth a Million

The Delhi Police recently unveiled its security plans for the Commonwealth Games next year. We should sincerely appreciate their efforts in planning for the event in advance and putting all necessary measures into place. In wake of the recent terror attacks in India, the participating nations would definitely be keen to understand the Delhi Police’s plans.  Whilst it is a good practice to call for a press conference to announce these measures to the media and the security agencies, what I don’t seem to understand is the need for the media to publish the security measures in such detail. Have a look at the link below for this article. It talks about the levels of security that the Delhi Police plan to implement.


Isn’t this rather unnecessary?

Why would you want to publish the plans in such detail?

Why can’t these be maintained confidentially?

Aren’t we giving all necessary information to these anti-social elements, anti-national activists for them to plan better?

The media certainly needs to ponder over these questions, before its too late.


Comments on: "Masters in Mess Communication" (3)

  1. i guess in their own way they are trying to assure the doubtful participants.

  2. @ Neela: I agree with you to some extent. However this information can also be shared with the security agencies representing the participating nations.

  3. media decides.
    media judges.

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