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Belly Food fest

A week long private food fest going on in my belly culminated in a grand dinner at Ballal Residency (off Residency Road) couple of hours ago. Come to think of it, I have decided that my lunch for the next few days will have to be mostly soup & salad, if I have any plans to be a healthy looking middle aged Indian.

The last week started off with couple of busy days at work and my eating habits were still good enough (read healthy). The curtain-raiser for the food fest began on a flight to Mumbai on Wednesday early morning and I feel that all I have been doing since then is eat, eat and eat more. The breakfast on the flight was a small Masala Dosa with tiny Idlis, more like the ones my mother prepares for my little one. This was around 7:30 AM. I landed at Mumbai at 8:30 AM and went straight to the college where the campus recruitment event was scheduled. The college also had special breakfast ordered for us. How could l let it go, when they had taken so much care to order special Upma and Chai. Around 1:30 we were served a special meal which was rounded off with couple of Gulaab Jamoons, ummmm … my mouth’s flooding at the very thought of writing this. Evening, some of us decided to go out for a cup of Mumbai Chai, but what followed was Samosa (with Chola) and Chai.

Later that evening I caught up with my cousins in Mumbai and decided to go out for a Rajasthani thali at Rajadhani in Malad. What a dinner that was!!!! Rich, delicious, yummy, filling, I have run out of synonyms. Daal Bhatti, Boondi laddoo, Shrikand, Hot Ghee-topped rotis, Khichdi again with ghee and the list runs endless. Some of us needed help to get up from the chair and to be led to the Exit. Without any doubt, the next morning walk at Versova beach did not make any amends. Lunch again was a calorie rich vegetarianĀ dietĀ onboard the return flight to Bangalore with some more incentives for sweet tooth folks.

My mother, wife and daughter had come to the airport to pick me up and wife excitedly mentioned to me that lunch @ home was Poori and Bhaaji. I was emotionally blackmailed into digging my fingers into hot pooris. Friday I took it relatively easy. Came Saturday and there was Durgasthami celebrations at home. So there was a special palahaara prepared by namma Bhattru and I was pampered with dishes made with ghee and sweets galore. Finally today (Sunday), the day has been yet again food-oriented. Puffed Rice (Mondakki puri oggarane) upma for breakfast, Mooli paratha with butter toppings for lunch and then Jeera Pulav and Boondi Raitha for dinner has ensured a perfect end to the week long fest, where I was the lonely guest and food at its best.