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Indian Express derailed …

Years back, tennis whizkids Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi came together to play some scintillating tennis and thereby became the first Indians to win grand slam titles. However after some years, misunderstandings resulted in their partnership coming to an end, thereby ending their fairytale run. The poem below is a dedication to the many victories and special moments they gave us.


Two young stars came together
Won hearts with their game
Playing some great strokes
Winning grand slams and fame


Fans flocked to watch them play
They were named ‘Indian Express’
Whatever they did was news
Including the way they dress


Success never got to them
As they reigned supreme
Tennis regained its charm
Lee & Hesh Oh! What a team


More adulation followed
Chest bumps became a rage
Their articles were all over
The newspaper’s sport’s page


Alas! Like all good things
There was a twist in the tale
Misunderstandings’ cost them
As the partnership turned stale


Playing with different partners
They couldn’t repeat the feat
Even during Davis Cup ties
Watching them was no more a treat


Just that they didn’t Mud-sling
But the differences became known
Events during the Uzbekistan Tie
Was again the contention’s bone


They may not play together
For this year’s Olympic gold
That the country comes first
Maybe, they should be told


As a fan I still hope to see
A day when Lee-Hesh combine
Forget the ego, forget the past
Then things could fall in line