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Protests and Traffic Violations: An Indian Way of Life

The newspaper these days is abuzz with the news of Lalu’s comments on the people of Karnataka. Lalu on an official visit to Bangalore has been quoted as calling the people of Karnataka as ‘Dirty People’. If Lalu has indeed made this comment, then it is condemnable without a doubt.

Even if the remark is not merely a rumor, then the pro Kannada activists could have silently protested against the same and sought an apology from him. However they have chosen to be on the wrong side of the law, as a habit. They have been ruthlessly destroying railway property; 2 days ago at the Divisional Railway Manager’s office and just yesterday they went about destroying the ticket counters at the Bangalore Contonment railway station near Vasanthnagar. The irony that these so called protectors of the land don’t seem to realize is that they are proving Lalu every bit right by going about destroying the government property. Who else but ‘Dirty people’ would indulge in such activities. Their act is not only resulting in unnecessary expenditures to the government, but also causing extensive damage to the reputation of the friendly folks of Karnataka.

Coming to Traffic violations now. A conversation I heard between 2 students riding a two-wheeler last week. The pillion rider suggested to the person riding the bike, that they take the one-way route to reach college. The rider kept repeating to him “No machan, that’s a one-way”. However the pillion rider had his say and managed to get his friend to use the one-way route to reach college. How easily is it for us to get influenced by these negative thoughts and minds? Why can’t we stop for a minute, think and then decide against breaking a law? It scares the daylights out of me when I think about the attitude of this generation. Another such incident occurred last evening. Not the first time, I watched a law protector becoming a law breaker (broker seems better). A ‘Hoysala’ jeep driver (constable) was driving the jeep even as he was talking on his cell phone. All this while we keep reading that the Bangalore Traffic Police are looking out for people who drive while talking on their cell phones. They don’t ever realize that the culprit is one amongst them, do they?