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Satirical Headlines

Satirical Headlines in the newspapers has always enchanted me. On a dull day, it’s the headlines which decide which article I should read and which I could skip.  Below are some of the best that I have read over the past few years. 

When Ganguly was dropped from the Indian team, a leading Indian Daily had this to say “Past Perfect, Future Tense”. “Wow!” I thought wondering whoever was behind this super catchy headline.  During the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the same Indian Daily had this wonderful catchy headline, “If someone can, its Oliver Kahn”, to highlight the then German skipper’s goalkeeping efforts. As part of their supplementary issue, they had another funny headline which read “He Khan do anything”. The reference here was to Bollywood’s best and perfectionist Khan.  

Not only headlines, even articles can contain catchy sentences at times. Many years ago, a well-known Sports Magazine had made this comment in their article on a historic innings that Steve and Mark Waugh played against the touring West Indians. “Forget the parents; even the fielders could not control the twins”. Again I could feel my mind let out a wide smile about the person behind this one-liner.

Time and again these one-liners have inspired me to dream that one day I shall eventually give up my routine IT industry job and get into the advertising world. Don’t know if that would ever happen.