Quotes worth a Million

I have always tried my best to follow all traffic rules. This has only become better after I have returned from my assignment in the UK. So much so that at times, if I happen to see a woman holding a baby and waiting to cross the road, I ensure that she gets the priority. Many times, the women are surprised to know that I am in a no hurry to get to my destination unlike my other city brethren. Even when I give priority to the elderly folks to cross the road, they interrogatingly look at me to question if I have a trick or two in mind.

Separate lanes have been created for rickshaws in the city. Ironically though, the most of the rickshaws don’t use this lane. Instead we see 2 wheeler riders and cyclists using this lane more often.

During an earlier assignment in Hong Kong, I was walking down one night to my hotel post midnight. A car obediently stopped at the traffic signal and moved from there only when the signal changed to GREEN. Here, we hardly adhere to the RED & GREEN signals during daytime. So this rule to be followed at night may not happen in our lifetime. In fact, we still believe in riding/driving our vehicles in the direction where a 24 hr one-way rule is applicable. This morning, during my walk to Sankey Tank I noticed a ‘gentleman’ driving on Sampige Road in Malleswaram, but in the opposite direction. I reminded him that this is a one-way. The response was just the thing I was not prepared for. He smiled back at me, as if to say “I am aware! Thanks anyway”.

Why is that we think we can get away with such offences? And to top that we ourselves decide that this is just a minor offence, considering the other traffic violations that happen all across the city.

Strangely, with better education, things have only turned to worse. Lack of education was considered as one of the primary reasons for traffic indiscipline. But today, education has been made available to all class of people. Still people belonging to all sections and class do not want to stick by the rules. It almost scares me that in our lifetime, we may never see traffic sense prevailing on Bengalooru roads


Comments on: "Traffic Non-Sense on Bengalooru Roads" (1)

  1. sad,but true…
    people think its heroic to break rules..
    youth consider it ‘kewl’ to act as if rules didnt exist..

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