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India Victorious


As Anil Kumble bowled the last ball of the 5th and final day of the Oval Test Match, curtains fell on a historic series that India won convincingly. Watching the Indians celebrate after the final ball was very pleasing to the Indian fan, especially after the World Cup debacle early this year. 

It was very heartening to see the current captain embracing his predecessor Saurav, affectionately. Not often do you get to see such emotional scenes on the field involving Rahul. Also joining them in this special moment was the other integral part of this famous batting trio, Sachin. The 3 stars were aware that this could be their last test at England. More importantly, it seemed as though they had shared a dream of winning a series in England and that had come true finally.

Kudos to the Indian team. They deserved to win and 1-0 or 2-0 is after all just numbers. Remember, we have won the series in 21 years and that is reason enough to celebrate.


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