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An evening at Sankey

dsc02914.jpgdsc02952.jpgdsc02958.jpgVacant benches - thanks to the evening showersSunset as seen from the 18th cross endSunset seen near the Sadashivnagar entrance

Thanks to a nagging shoulder pain, I decided to skip my regular morning walk at Sankey’s Tank last Saturday. By evening I was feeling a lot better and so decided to make up for the morning walk. It was a rainy evening and the weather was chill too. And when I reached the tank, what I got to see was nature at its best in namma Bengalooru.

An overcast condition, water droplets dripping from the leaves was a perfect sight to behold. More than a routine fitness walk, it seemed as though I was out on a walk amidst nature. Many a times, we talk about the scenic beauty we get to see in other countries. But I got to see all these and more at Sankey.

I had a nightmare of a time editing the snaps. Given a choice, I would have probably uploaded all the snaps. Yes, I have deliberately avoided capturing the not-so-clean portions at Sankey. But then how many of us, actually capture such snaps when we travel outside India.

Before writing this post, I was like a film producer with 5 scripts in his hand, not knowing which script he would direct first. But after the walk at Sankey, my decision became an easy one. After all, nature takes priority and rightly so.


Comments on: "An evening at Sankey" (10)

  1. Sankey kere , you and me……
    Memories galore, alveno … 😉

  2. if your blog would have been on blogspot i would have made the previous comment from ‘anonymous’ and teased you…

  3. Sure Neela, Sandy would have had a great laugh at this 🙂

  4. heLi keLi maavana maganallave! 😉

  5. Hey Neela,

    I’d have a go at it too…. 😉

    Nice pics, cousin dear….. looking at them makes me feel I have never seen Sankey. And hope you recover fast.

  6. Hi Nikki,
    Lovely pictures. Did you click them?
    I will always miss the morning walks there. While you used to do some 2-3 rounds, I would always content myself with just one round hehe lazy me
    Get well soon… work less blog more is the current mantra 🙂

  7. Su,
    I took the snaps on my Sony Erricson camera phone. Looks lovely ain’t those?

  8. en aiytu muri?
    get well soon

  9. Excellent.
    Way to go.

  10. hai nikki
    nice pictures

    thanx.I saw it today

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