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My Wife and her lenses

My wife has this uncanny habit of getting into adventurous situations when it comes to her contact lenses. I had the first hand experience of this during our courting days. I was accompanying her to the Malleswaram 10th cross bus stop on Sampige Road, from where she usually boarded her bus home to Sanjaynagar. When we were on the way to the bus stop, she had some irritation in her eye and even before she knew, one of the pair had popped out of her eye. We spent a good 30 minutes trying to locate it on the road, with the help of streetlights. It didn’t help much and finally she opted for a new pair of lenses. There was more adventure to come.

We went to Munnar for our honeymoon and one evening after we returned from the daily sight-seeing trip, my wife realized that one of her lenses was not in her eyes. She frantically searched all across our hotel room, but just couldn’t find it.

The lens seemed to be more interested in a game of hide and seek rather than help my wife’s eye vision. Tensed and without any other option, we went to the Tata Tea Hospital in Munnar. The opthalmologist we met concluded that he couldn’t find the missing lens in her eye with the instrument he used. His opinion was that we meet Dr C, a leading eye surgeon in Munnar. It was around 7:30 PM when we reached Dr C’s clinic. He looked into the matter in detail and conveyed that the only thing we could do is to come back to Tata Tea Hospital the next morning where he would examine the eye with much more sophisticated medical instruments. We returned back to the hotel, dejected and worried as to what could be in store for us the next morning. My wife still wouldn’t give up and she continued to search the hotel room in the hope of avoiding a visit to the hospital the next morning. She bent over the dressing mirror to get a clear view of the dressing table, and with increasing frustration probably, just banged softly on the mirror. And then what do we see, the other lens that we were desperately looking out for, popped out from the mirror’s surface. Her excitement was worth watching. She was a relieved person. 

Fast forward to 7 glorious years later. We returned to Bangalore after a 2 year stint in the UK. One fine morning she woke up to tell me that she had some irritation in the eye.  A closer look into her eyes revealed that the soft lens in her left eye had split into two parts and worse still, the second part was missing. Furthermore, the burning and irritation in her eyes was getting unbearable. This was on a lazy Saturday morning, around 11 AM.  We quickly got ready to rush to a local eye doctor in Malleswaram. The receptionist at the front desk told us that the doctor would only be available in the evening. With no other option left, we rushed to a well-known and famous eye hospital in Rajajinagar.

As soon we parked the car and headed towards the reception, we saw this huge crowd of patients waiting for their turn. We knew this would be one long never-ending wait. We took an appointment and waited for close to 3 hours. While waiting for the opthalmologist i examined my wife’s eye and could make out a blue-tinged particle in her eyes. I kept on insisting that the missing portion was there in the eye and it had not disappeared anywhere inside. When our turn finally came, the doctor ruled out any possibility of the missing part of the lens to be present in the eye. He confirmed that he had verified through the medical instrument, that there was no foreign particle(the missing lens part) in her eyes and proactively he went on to check my wife’s eye power and even suggested what lenses would suit her etc. The feeling one got was that my wife was there only for a new pair of contact lens and our visit had nothing do with the missing portion of her lens. This was followed by another senior opthalmologist again confirming what her junior had just said. She even prescribed some eye drops, in case the irritation in the eye persists. After a long day at the hospital we headed back home.

In the next few weeks, my wife kept insisting that she still felt the presence of some foreign particle in her eye. I just brushed it off, saying it was just her hallucination and the fear of actually not having seen the missing portion of the lens. By now we had decided that the missing portion had fallen of her eye and was indeed missing. But that was not to be. A few days later she called me at the office to inform me, that when she woke up that morning, she felt irritation in her eye and on further rubbing the eyes, the missing portion of the lens popped out finally.

Phew!!! Must say, we have had some unique experiences with her lenses. Its been close to 2 months since she has switched back to her spectacles. And she still insists on shopping for a pair of lens soon.