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My First Blog

I am all excited. This is my first blog. Expecting some serious and not so serious comments from all of you. In the software industry, when we generate a document and send it out for review, we expect review comments. I hope your comments won’t be as serious as review comments 🙂  

And why is the site named milcote.wordpress.com is a familiar question my near & dear ones have asked me. I was in UK for close to 2 years and stayed in an area called Milcote Road in Solihull. I liked the name ‘MILCOTE’ because it can also mean A MILLION QUOTES although i am not targetting to reach there by the end of this fiscal year ;-). As you can see from the blog title, i am in awe of one-liner quotes and may use them extensively in my articles. A Million qoutes is still a distant dream.

In our day to day life, we happen to come across many individuals and many interesting incidents. Will try and publish as many stories as i can remember. The idea is to make this blog available for some light reading. However, please refrain from reading this blog, after a sumpstous meal.